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15 Things That Womens Find in Men Before Falling in Love

While every girl has a different list of what she loves in a man, some remain constant. So we tell you that the 15 ultimate things in a man that make a woman go weak in the knees.


You want to impress a girls, and don’t know about how to do this. Here is a article after read this you know about How to Impress Girls ?


So if you are looking to come out of the friend-zone and make her notice you like never before, this is what you probably need.
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 how toimpress a girls


1. Dressing for the Occasion

Women love men who actually give a damn about their dressing, especially those who can differentiate between casual and formal looks. If a man can rock his formal silhouettes as well as he does his casual looks, you’re ‘the’ perfect man. Your girlfriend may not admit this, but she keeps her eyes open for well-dressed men out there.



2. Having a Fit Body
You will definitely agree that well-toned bodies make clothes look even better. While six-pack abs are not necessary, a healthy and fit body makes us drool.
 girls likes in men


3. Dressing Your Age
Big chunky checks, Superman tees and stupid abstract prints… we’ve all had an ex who made such style blunders. Well, if you don’t want to fall in the list of ‘exes’, stop dressing like a 15-year-old. Girls love guys who dress their age, not those who dress 10 years younger.
 how girls fall in love with men


4. Getting the Right Colour Combinations
We understand that men and their choices in terms of colour are limited, but that doesn’t mean you can pair Salman’s red trousers with Ranveer’s strange shirts. No.


5. Smelling Good
Yes, the ads on television are true. While women won’t come falling from heaven, they do appreciate men who smell good. It’s a turn-on.
best perfume for mens
6. Polished Shoes
A man’s shoes are a mirror of his character. If you can’t keep your shoes neat and polished, the only thing women would feel for you is pity.
girls like polish of boys shoe


7. Going Easy on Jewellery and Accessories
Let that be your girlfriend’s department. Women are good with jewellery and that should be left to them. Women don’t appreciate a lot of jewellery and accessories on men. Keep it simple and classy.


8. Good Grooming
Okay, we agree that hair trends keep changing. But staying abreast with them is your responsibility. When it comes to facial hair, most men get it wrong in judging if beards suit them or not. The safest bet there is to just keep a subtle. Those extra kilos on your jawline will not do any good otherwise.


9. Traditional Clothing
Just like women look brilliant in their saris and lehengas, men too look absolutely dashing in their Indian outfits. Go get some bandhgalas and sherwanis for the wedding season!
10. Men in Black
Whatever is it that you are wearing, if it’s black, it’s definitely going to make women go crazy for you. So when in doubt, wear black.
11. Wearing Ties
A suit without a tie is like a burger without patty. A tie not only punctuates your suit perfectly, but also lends a mature and smart look to your silhouette. Wear a tie! It will pay off!


12. Aviators
Be it Shahid, Hrithik or SRK, the one thing that makes their game stronger are the aviators. Whatever is it that you are wearing, a stylish pair of aviators will always add more style and class to your look.


13. Leather Jackets
A cruiser bike and man with a leather jacket. OMG! This is the one look almost no woman can resist!


14. Cleanliness is Godliness
Men with parched skin, dirty nails and smelly feet will not even find a way in the friend-zone. Eww!


15. Confidence
Whatever you wear and however you may style it, it’s all useless without confidence. Fashion is ever changing and one who wears everything with the utmost confidence is the real champ.
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