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Heard about showing gratitude? Ever shown gratitude? Yes, no, maybe!

Gratitude is the new Magic word which could turn your life around. And now, you must be thinking “Magic”, well does it even exist? If you believe so, it does! If you don’t, then it doesn’t.


Belief, another word with a deep meaning. Believe in Magic, show gratitude and achieve whatever you want to.

Well, imagine how life would be without any comments like thank you, my pleasure, I’m grateful to you. Won’t it be dull? Think about it! How will you make your loved ones feel good about themselves?

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Ahh! But why only think when we may act upon it? Here are some simple ways in which you can be thankful.

1) The simplest one is “Say Thanks”.

Believe me, it will relieve you from all obligations. Whether it’s your Uber driver, Chai Wala or even your maid, just say thanks and see them smile. That smile will reflect on your face for the whole day! Also, mean it while you say it because the universe doesn’t understand words but feelings.

2) Do one good deed every day.

I know, this one’s tough but it will make your life easier. You’ll start to feel good about yourself. Every night when you’ll lie down on your bed, you’ll sleep better. And if you’re an analyzer of your day like me, you’ll never feel broken even if you have achieved nothing on the same day hut shown gratitude. At least, you made someone life’s good.

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Start with something very small like giving a small packet of biscuits to someone who’s needy. Share your wisdom with your maid, because it doesn’t need to be something big always. I can’t express how happy I felt when I helped our maid in making her understand one of the bank procedures.

3) Distribute whatever extra you have.

You know, how we become habitual of life managementstacking things whether we have enough storage space or not. If you ask me, that’s a bad habit and will only create clutter in your homes. We need to assess what things we need and what we don’t and share the rest of the things with the world.

At my home, we have this huge wardrobe filled with stuff that my mom says we may need at some point in our lives. I’m hearing this since past 10 years but we haven’t really used any of that stuff. In addition, we never are able to find the useful things at the right time. See, that’s what clutter is!

4) Start Appreciating.

It’s human nature that we see only the bad about people at first. We start with their negatives rather than appreciating their positive traits. But, don’t you feel good when someone says “Hey, you look nice today”? Don’t you feel delighted? Why not spread this happiness by appreciating others too?

5) Take your own time and stop complaining about life!

Why do we crib so much about our lives? It’s because we compare our lives to others; our friends, cousins, etc. Instead of feeling happy for them we start to feel jealous and make our lives even more miserable. This ain’t right because everyone accomplishes their dreams in their own time zone.
Life is never the same and we should only compare ourselves to our previous self.

6) Don’t just say it, show it!

This one’s to thank our parents. We really can’t thank our parents enough for what they do for us, the sacrifices they make. But, we can add meaning to their  lives by becoming a good person. Sometimes, we can help our mother in the daily chores.

You know, how in Oscars, 2017 Dev Patel got his mother as a date. Why not, we as individuals start taking out our parents as a date? Try this, they’ll feel good.

7) Amor Vincit Omnia – Love conquers all!

You don’t like someone because they don’t like you. Why should we really care if the other person is so inconsiderate? I pose this question to myself daily. But then, understand! Where will this hatred and repulsion lead you? Nowhere!

Just like I mentioned in my previous article, we attract people in our life. When we think about accepting others with their mistakes, the acceptance takes over and mistakes disappear while they still exist.

Love thyself and others; because love and patience conquer even the thick-skinned.

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Here’s a little exercise for you to practice daily:

I am not asking much, just 10 minutes in the morning. List out 10 things you are thankful for in your life. Write them; whether in your diary or your computers or any of your online journals. Make sure, you write them in one place though so you can get back to them every day. Write in continuation.

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Then, write the reason why you’re thankful for those 10 things and read them aloud. Do this for 27 days and see that magic happen for yourself. You’ll start feeling good and your world will turn around. You can be thankful for various things in your life, such as, your health & body, your career, and achievements, money that you have, your relationships, anything you are happy about, your passions, mother Eart, nature, material goods, your dreams or any other subject you are thankful for.


Number 1, Write 10 blessings…
Number 2, Write the reason why you’re thankful…
Number 3, Say them out loud…
Number 4, Repeat this every morning for 27 days…
Number 5, Read yesterday’s magic practice today…

Remember, only your thoughts control you, no one but you!

I have taken a note by reading the book “Magic” that “Better to lose count while naming your blessings than to lose your blessings to counting your troubles.”

Don’t you agree?

Make it a habit to thank god every day for your life.

To end on a good note, I am grateful to all of you for reading this article and to appreciate my previous article and showing such abundance of love.

Do share your reviews, thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

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