An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary Heart & Soul!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ordinary? Is it boring or is it steady?

To me it is steady because it is rightly said and I would like to quote here, “The ordinary is Divine.”

My father is an ordinary man with an extraordinary heart and soul. His ordinary lifestyle has turned mine to be an extraordinary one because it is him who has shown me the path towards success.

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A Post Graduate, started his career with the hospitality industry, switched to a forex company later and is now the Branch Manager of a renowned foreign Exchange company in Jaipur. His graph of growth has inspired me to become what I am today. The dedication, balance in life, down to earth nature, patience, love and care made him the man everyone dreams.

I remember my mother saying to me at times, “your father looked so dashing when I was walking towards him on my wedding day”. Blush, Blush! He wore this off white suit and with a fair complexion, he looked just so handsome. Thank god for the camera, that I could get a picturesque view of my parent’s marriage.

He is no Superhero with Superhuman gifts, he didn’t teach me how to ride a bicycle, was frightened sitting beside me when I took the steering wheel in my hands for the first time; however, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to study in a school everyone dreams of, to pursue a career I wanted to and maybe I would’ve been married now. I am what I am because of his support.

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He has pushed me into my world of freedom wherein I could study as much as I wanted to; giving the best of facilities and comfort beyond his affordability. We as children never think it as their way of showing love but as their duty. Well, no it is his love which doesn’t come out in the form of tight hugs or frequent kisses but it adds up to our success.

Despite all the hardships and sometimes my rude behavior towards him, hasn’t changed even a pinch of his love. I learned this the hard way that it is your parents who’ll stand besides you in every situation you undergo; not your friends, not your relatives, not any of your colleagues, no one!

Every family has a culture of their own and mine doesn’t have the frequently-hugging-each-other culture; even I don’t express my love often to my parents because that’s what I have seen. Number of hugs doesn’t add up to love but respect and care does and I care about them; a lot lately.

Sometimes, I wonder, I’ve lost so many beautiful moments fighting over petty things with them which could have been replaced by showing tenderness; but GOOOODDDDDDDDD this generational gap EGO that resides in me somewhere, didn’t let me. Well, let the bygones be bygones. So today I promise to never let go of the love for my parents; my father especially who is extraordinarily taking care of all of us without any demands. That’s what a real-life Hero is.

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You treat me like a Princess, because you are a King!

I would again say, My father is an ordinary man with an extraordinary heart & soul.

A big Shoutout to you Papa, Happy Birthday!

Wishing you many more…and I love you more than anyone else!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Wish You A Happy & Long Life 

Greetings From- Vicky Jethana, Riya Sharma, Khan Alternate & All Padhteraho Team

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  • Thank you. I want you to achieve the professional qualifications so that you do not face any hardships and attain all your dreams

  • Nice article.. Keep it up….

    Family is the one who will stand as guard in every situation.

    Thank you

  • Great job Medha I am proud of you that at least you can express your feelings for your parents in such a way I wish if I could ever do .
    Wish you a very happy birthday Jijaji.

  • So very very beautifully written medha. Our parents are indeed the strongest support. Also fighting with them and having arguments is just the part and process of growing. Both you siblings are wonderful kids. God bless you all

  • Extraordinary daughter of a Extraordinary father.. beautifully expressed feelings Medha.. I actually could relate it with the my story with my parents…

  • Thanks a lot dear Medha. My ambition will be fulfilled when you achieve your goals. All the best.

  • This is One of the best article in my entire reading life. Such a great thought with full feels like a love of ocean. Great great great.