Google Adsense Ad Placement – Heatmap 2016 Guide

Today we are taking about google adsense ad placement. Most of the blogs are running for money making by adsense. Adsense is a best way to earn money but without proper google adsense ad placement adsense earning not increase and adsense heatmap is help us.

So here you can read the full guide of adsense ad placement perfectly, according to “Adsense Heatmap”. In this post we will giving you a brief idea about adsense heatmap and best adsense ad placement ideas.adsense ad placement

What is google adsense? Summary-

Google adsense advertisement is the best way for any blogger to earn money through blogging but the most occur problem is that many bloggers doesn’t know what is the best place to place ad. Though Google itself suggest to place ads above the fold for higher CTR. Anyways, lets get back to original topic and learn some best adsense placement ideas.

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Adsense Ad Placement – Adsense Heatmap Image:

First have a look at official Google adsense heatmap Which clearly talks about the best adsense ad placement without annoying your readers.

adsense heatmap


While putting advertisement remember these points:

  • Why your readers are here?
  • Content is more important or advertisement?
  • Are you annoying you readers?

Few places where you can place you adsense advertisement for better CTR:

  • Above the post
  • Sidebar banner
  • Sidebar video unit

Many of times bloggers doesn’t know, what is above the fold adsense ad and below the fold.? See below image you can better understand the difference of above the fold or below the fold adsense ad.

above the fold ad or below the fold adsense ad

With these considerations, we may suggest you these best placements as you begin with AdSense this 2016:

1) Base your ad placement on Google’s heatmap. There is no harm in testing it out and having your ads placed on the areas that are best described on the image.

2) Your best performing ad units. Place them above the fold BUT do not place too many that your content is already pushed below the fold because of your ads.

3) Ads in the middle. As you have seen on the heat map, the orange and dark orange areas draws more clicks. Since they are above the fold, you may attract your implusive and semi-impulsive clickers.

increase adsense revenue ctrMore Imp Suggestions:-

  • The Uncommons ad sizes.
  • Links units
  • Use custom search

Having these placements and best positioning is one thing but analyzing your numbers is another. Increase in your clickthroughs and cost per mille can still be tweaked and analyzed giving the maximum potential for your ads to earn. Let us help you in optimizing those ads whether it’d be from AdSense, Ad exchange and third party networks.

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