A Healthy Mindset Gets you Closer to your Passion

Hey there people! It’s Saturday and weekend vibes are all over there in the Vatavaran! 🙂

But, here I am, sinking in my thoughts and sharing them with you…

I once read a quote, “A written word is a powerful thing, you have to be careful with it.”

Now, every human being wants to be powerful and the power of words was what fascinated me the most. Just by sitting in one corner of the world, how people can write and inspire so many. Not only inspiration, we also get information from these writings.

Let’s date back to the period when Upanishads were written. Would Indian culture exist, if we didn’t have them? I’m sure you must be answering in No to this question. See, that’s the power of writing. It gets transferred, the knowledge is shared which we preach or practice. When something is written, it signifies another thing.


To get to this writing passion of mine, I had to overcome various obstacles in my life. The first one was to develop a healthy Mindset.

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Keeping an intact mindset is itself tough for us by each passing day…only because we are living in times where change is the only constant! A healthy one would be that makes you in and all an optimistic person. One can go through so many contradictory emotions on a daily basis; we wake up fresh, we reach our workplace all excited to conquer the world. During your working hours, you may get introduced to a new world with ushering possibilities or someone may try to drag you down! Then, what do you do?

Here are some ways to detoxify your mind and develop a healthy mindset:

1. Don’t over think!

By over thinking, I don’t mean don’t care, but let yourself free of stress and problems. Try to overcome stress by laughing at your problems. It helps most of the time.


2. Ignore the little obstacles and move on!

Let me quote an example here: We all have driven two-wheelers and at times without “HELMETS.” Sometimes, it may occur that tiny mosquitoes may irritate us by entering into our eyes. What do you do then? Well, February was the season of all such small mosquitoes that irritated me on Jaipur roads. It was natural I rubbed them off from my eyes and got on the road because Life is a highway and we have to ride it all night long.

What if I had not ignored these small creatures and while driving I watched of them only?

I would probably have gotten hit by a truck!

3. Eat Healthy and burn those calories!

In the recent past, we have been over-exposed to Yoga and the Asanas. Practice them, meditate and exercise. And do this for at least 21 days and see it become a part of your daily routine.

healthy mind

My personal advice on this is that give rest to your phones for that time and focus on your workouts; whether it’s gymming or a run by the roadside. It will not only rejuvenate your body but will also give you a positive, soulful experience. Also, eat at proper times, don’t skip any meal!

4. It’s true that IMPOSSIBLE is I AM Possible! Believe in this!

I was recently talking to a friend, and she quoted “She didn’t know it was impossible, so she did it!” Let’s say we all follow this closely and think everything we dream of to be possible. Believe me; we all will be able to achieve it. There’s no stopping. After all, that’s what dreams are for.

5. Be positive!

I know, I know, what you are thinking. It’s very simple to say this but to be the real positive thinker you have to get away from a part of your soul every day.

I was going through the same negativity till yesterday until I met my CEO in a meeting today. I was all about complaints and feeling so upset that I could not concentrate only work AT ALL. Well, he just said, “Stay Calm.” He then asked if I had experienced such a thing before? I said, yes. He asked, why? I said it’s because I was the best on my team that is why I was facing such barbaric issues.

Then he politely explained that this wasn’t true. You may be the best, but this isn’t the reason of what you are facing. We come across each person for one or the other reasons.


And then, he said that every person you come across is attracted to you. I was like, WHAAAAAT? Totally spell bound, there I sat in front of him. I’m sure he had understood what I was feeling at that point of time. And then lastly he said, whatever we think about someone can be heard by that particular person. Some examples were then quoted, and I understood one thing; To be positive, carry on my own task and MOVE ON!

6. Make one mistake daily!

And now, you must be thinking the one who wrote this is mad, and one should just close this article and read something really meaningful. Well, there’s more to it.

Mistakes help you learn and helps boost your self-belief. And believing in self is the best medicine for a disturbed mind. To develop a healthy mindset, make mistakes but try not repeating them. It’s my mantra and has worked well both in my personal as well as professional life.

Well, the last one’s my favorite!

Everyone has an idol, I have one too. My maternal grandfather and the last one is coming from him.

Let’s not keep you waiting.

So, here’s number 7:

Be your own beautiful.

Well, we all are beautiful, but then we’ve all have had that TIT-for- TAT assassination in life. The feeling of conflicts and retaliations; how-so- ever innocent we may be. Well, try not to do that. Whatever the other person does to you is his/her own problem; you don’t have to deal with that.

So, be gorgeous, eloquent and forget about others have done to you.

Chill and Carry on!

Lastly, it is never too late to start over!

Each and everything has always worked for me and I hope they work for you as well!

Keep reading! 🙂

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