Manually Install WordPress Using CPanel : WP Guide

Install WordPress Manually using cpanel searches increase on google. So here we are with our new post to manually install WordPress. WP installation these days is a piece of cake. With add on script offered by your host like Fantastico, Simple script and it’s hardly takes more than 2-3 minutes to get started. Installing WordPress manually is a simple process that takes less than five minutes to complete 🙂 Believe us. In this WordPress installation tutorial, our goal is to offer a comprehensive WordPress installation tutorial for beginners and advanced users alike. So Let’s start !!!!

install wordpress manuallyPrerequisites:

  • We assume you’re on a shared host with cPanel installed. If you’re having a hard time deciding which shared host to go for, you could try BlueHost.
  • You have FTP access/Cpanel to your public_html directory. This is the folder that will hold the WordPress installation files.
  • You have a standard database like MySQL

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Major Steps in Manual Installation:

  • Download file and upload to public_html folder via FTP, or via cPanel File Manager
  • Right click on zip.file and extract the contents of
  • Create a new MySQL database and user.
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  • Run the famous five minute WordPress installation.

Install WordPress

Read the steps carefully..

Step-1 – Upload wordpress Via cpanel file manager. 

Login to your hosting provider’s Client Area and launch cPanel. If you’re unable to locate it, you could try since cPanel’s defult port is 2082.

Open File Manager
manually install wordpressIf a message like the one shown below appears, select the Web root directory. We assume that you have one domain linked to your hosting account.

install wordpress via cpanel

Step-1.1 – Upload, Extract and Move

Here(file manager) you can see many folders and it’s all imp, Don’t delete it. Just kidding we know you are one of the best. So open public_html here we install WordPress and extract the archive.

wordpress public_html/

  • Upload the Archive
  • Now we’ll upload the file inside public_html/

upload wordpress file in cpanelOnce the upload is complete, close the tab and return to the File Manager. If you still don’t see a file in the directory, click on Reload button. You should see the file now.

Step-1.2 – Extract the Archive

Now, select the file and click on Extract.

extract wordpress zip file in cpanelOnce the extraction is complete, again click on the Reload button. You should see a folder called wordpress.

Move the Contents of the Extracted Archive

we must move the contents of the wordpress folder back to the parent (public_html/) directory. To do this, we can either use FTP or cPanel.

move wordpress files into public_htmlStep 2- WordPress Final Configuration

Now that we’ve completed the uploading and installing procedure, let’s run the famous five minute WordPress installation. Open new tab and open your site ( Here you see installation process.

Select the language.
wordpress 5 minute installationThis is some troubleshooting information

install wordpress manually

Enter the database information . Make sure your table prefix isn’t “wp_”. This gives attackers an added advantage. Enter any alphanumeric value here.

wordpress installation

Run the installation!

manually install wordpress

Now this part is simple, but important.

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discourage search engine in wordpress

Now Done. Open your URL to check.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions, please drop us a comment or feel free to tweet us at @padhteraho. If you think we’ve missed any step or have any suggestions for us; please let us know.

We’d love to hear from you! Thanks for reading! Happy trails. Padhte Raho


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