A Little Something For Everyone This Mother’s Day!

Mothers – They are ‘Angels’ from Heaven above!

It’s Mother’s Day today and we will do all kinds of stuff to make our mothers happy and to bring an ear to ear smile to their faces. Some of us will click selfies, update them as our status, put them as our display pictures and the list goes on!

There are divergent views that celebrating certain days of the year as Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Valentine’s Day, are taking us away from our native culture and tradition and making us blindly conform to western culture.

I am in a dilemma! Whilst I am not opposed to these occasions, I strongly believe that the celebration should not be mere tokenism for a day! Let’s vow to shower our Mother with all our gratitude, appreciation, care, love and affection not only on Mother’s Day but every day of the year.

I had a magical experience recently that I would like to share with you.


I had this discussion with my mother about where I was heading with my life (I can sense that whilst some of us may be past this phase, others may still be grappling with the tortuous issue as we speak)! I am squarely in the latter category. My mother started the conversation calmly but for me panic set in almost instantaneously and I became more and more agitated as I was unable or unwilling to understand her point of view. So I took the easy path – I bailed out by giving her a frowned look, rushed to my room, lay down and gave the pillow a ‘saline wash’. After a while I felt lighter and with a clearer head began to think. Why is this happening to me? Where am I heading? What is the purpose of my life? And then, lo and behold, an inner voice told me – I HAVE TO MAKE MY PARENTS PROUD AND MY LOVED ONES HAPPY!

I recalled the first time my parents were proud of me and something that had brought a smile to their faces. It was when I passed the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) for entrance to the Chartered Accountancy Course in India.


On more introspection, I also remembered the occasions when I feel I may have disappointed my mother. But rejoicing the good moments relaxed my mind and made me feel happier.

Now in a better frame of mind I thought, I need to make my mother happy and feel proud of me again. So, what should I do?

To express my gratitude to her, I thought of an interactive session I had in my office recently. The session was about making relationships magical. Deploying a professional tool for personal relationship management sounded amusing at first, but then my belief made me try it.


Here is how things unfolded:

I had to choose three relationships from my life with whom I want to make things magical.

I needed to take their photographs, solo or the ones with me.

Then, write down 5 things about them for which I am grateful.

I looked at their photographs and repeated the things I wrote and saying “I Love you”.

As a last step; I said Thank You, Thank you, Thank you.

This little exercise was very refreshing and made me feel good instantly.

As I took that beautiful picture of my mother in the white and blue peacock pallu saree (maybe her favourite from the lot of the thousands of sarees she has but very often wears) and started to write those 5 things for which I was grateful to her, I kept on gazing at her smile with a sense of love and care. Oh how elegant and graceful she looked and that glowing face with that intellectual poise! After this wondrous pause, I got back to writing and I’m not exaggerating, instead of 5, I wrote 22 (to be exact). I saw my list and was amazed to find that I had so much to be thankful for to her.

For starters, I’ll share 5 of them:

I am grateful to her because she loves me more than anyone else in this world.

I am grateful to her that she’s my go-to person in every situation.

I am grateful to her because she brings fresh lunch for me every day to my office.

I am grateful to her because she has the best taste in clothes which makes me look beautiful.

I am grateful to her because she has a soft heart with a solid mind which helps me in making my decisions.

My journey through the process was magical – because the next day everything was back to normal. I was not feeling agitated any more and my love for her grew even more. The next morning, she brought lunch to my office. We had a very sweet 2 minute conversation which made my day!

Try this ‘magical’ method guys! It works – go for it NOW!!

I’m sure you’ll feel the magic in your relationships too…

So sons and daughters of India, when our Mother is in our face with “ye lelo beta, khana khaya ki nahi, ye kab karogey, press ke kapde jagah pe rakh do” – don’t forget she is only doing this out of love and concern for our good. Maa hai vo humari, Haq banta hai yaar!

I have very few times expressed myself in front of my parents but this Mother’s day, I would like to say publicly:



I assure you that I would do everything to keep that smile on your face and make you feel proud of me always!

On behalf of every daughter and son, Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

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  • May you succeed in life and achieve great heights.Never do anything which is unworthy of you.Always be open and share your thoughts with me.Love you always.

  • Medha what to say i don’t have words to say Everytime you write something it creates some kind of sensation underneath …….you are excellent I am proud of you

  • Medha, this brought tears to my eyes! Lovely compilation of thoughts so pure and words so appropriate. I am sure your mother would be proud of you when she read this. Keep writing and blogging. Looking forward to read many more… 🙂

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