The Real Way to Increase Domain Authority Quickly

Domain Authority is an algorithm developed by MOZ. Domain Authority also called DA in short. DA played a short but important role in SEO. PageRank and Domain Authority will help your site to rank higher in Google. Basically, domain authority means how much your site is likely to rank higher in search engines as compared to competitor site. DA is same as Google’s page rank but unfortunately page rank is officially shutdown in December 2013. Moz’s Domain Authority became a main factor of ranking blogs After Google’s Page rank shut downIncrease domain authority for attracting more advertiser.

Your blog achieve high rank on google if google spider found that you are trustable and high Domain Authority do this for you. After shutdown of Google page rank every blogger started to work on increase domain authority.

Note:- Google actually does not take the Moz’s domain authority directly.

Moz Domain Authority is based on the same factors which are used by google spider to rank sites, that’s y many of bloggers think that DA affect google rank.

Moz uses 40 different factors to calculate your blog’s domain authority.

What is Domain Authority

domain authority

A Domain Authority shows the number of root domains which link to different pages on your website. More number of links from different pages will help you to rank better than other websites which link to their home page. Domain Authority is calculated by combining few metrics like social signals, your backlink profile, internal link building, on page and off page SEO, linking root domains, numbers of total page links, mozRank, user experience, age of your domain, age of your blog, load time of your website, traffic, web page size and etc.

  • You planned to gain a DA number of 100. Maybe it’s impossible but I wish that you achieve this milestone, Sites like Facebook and Google have it, so don’t be disappointed if you never hit 100.
  • DA is difficult to influence directly. You can’t change your DA score like you can change your meta tags.’

Techniques to Increase Domain Authority Quickly

These following Methods will help you to increase domain authority of your website.

1)- Internal Deep Linking: – Internal linking will help a lot in increasing your DA. Internal linking means, your page and post strongly built with each other like a chain. It also reduce your blog’s bounce rate. Linking post to another post is important for user experience, if your post is linked to another post doesn’t matter how do this like shows inline related post, below related post anyways when you linked your post to another, 85% users read your linked post (as a research says) and it reduces your blog’s bounce rate. Internal linking helps us to build a solid Domain Authority in long.

increase domain authority

2)- Quality Content: – Doesn’t matter you are experienced blogger or beginner, everyone who searched What is search engine Optimization? on google, they definitely know that 99.99% post says “Content is king”, “Content needs quality” content, content, content… ya, content is king and we know that, but what is real content? Which content is really called a quality content? you read full guide here, but in short when your post content is not copied from any other blogs and linked with trustable sites like wikipedia, google, youtube that’s called quality content. After the Google panda update, many websites lost their authority in Internet because of duplicate content.

  • Write fresh content and unique content.
  • Try to teach something new to your readers.
  • Never do Keyword Stuffing.
  • Check grammar and spelling corrections.
  • write a huge article Minimum 300 words
  • Never host too many ads in post.

There are many other metrics which can stand out your blog from other popular blogs. Observe your competitors very carefully and see to that you host only quality content in your website. Make sure you post regularly.

3)- Social Media Activity:- You create a facebook page but you don’t update it regularly that means you losing huge number of users along with search ranking. If your website participating in social media platform google surely shoots up your website top ranking on first page. If your blog social reach is high then the site authority will definitely go up gradually, which will affect your site rankings in search engine positions.  According to research if a page gets more than 7500 Tweets, its likely to show in the top 5 results of Google page. Social signals are major factors for google ranking and increase domain authority.

4)- Old is Gold: – Domain age is important for increase domain authority, you can’t expect a one month old site to get a high domain authority rank. Moz’s algorithm count your domain age before count your DA. So keep patience or wait and watch..

5)- Responsive Design:- Mobile friendly design will help to increase domain authority of your website. How?. If user open your site and site doesn’t open correctly or look messy, means surely user close your site immediately because of un-responsiveness and it’s increase your bounce rate also. So keep your design responsive.

How to check Domain Authority

You can check you DA online and you can use Browser add-on also. I use SEOmoz toolbar, which provide information about domain authority, page authority, links and many more. You can install this add-on for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. You can check DA online here


Backlinks is important for increase Domain Authority but it doesn’t depends only on back-links. Just do whatever you can do for increase da and wait for 1-2 years, when your domain age increased your DA will shoot up. Remember there is no rocket science to Increase Domain Authority. So keep patience…

Hope this post really help you in boosting your site DA ranking. Please share your queries and views via comments, and share it with your friends.

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