When I first met my Boss

I recently experienced this paradigm shift when I got my new job. It came to me like a hush with a powerful force that I took it.

At first, I didn’t think I would be this happy in it but gradually I realized I was meant to be here. I was brought here to improve and to unfold the unexplored side of me.

We often connect good jobs to better salaries, high incentives, better positions, etc. These aspects do matter materially; however, we tend to forget the reality.

Your job is better when the workforce around you is strong and positive. I always used to think that I am being appreciated just because of my qualities and my working style but never put it as, “My job is better because of my bosses. It is because they like my work.”

You could get the salary & perks you want in any job, but for your superiors to be supportive and appreciative takes a lot of good luck to be with you.

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People pray to get one such boss; I have 2 in the same office.

With no further ado, I would like to share a poem I wrote for one of them as it is his birthday today. Here you go:

I was afraid when you fist called,
You sounded stern, I was appalled;
I entered your cabin, you asked me to sit,
I was new in the office, still thinking to myself if I would fit.
You handed me those papers with your idea of work,
And I came to my desk with a silly smirk,
Our first interaction, I will always remember
Because no one would have made me understand better.
I’d mistaken you for a serious boss, but you are a person with sweet and candescent nature.

As the frequency of our interactions started to increase,
I developed a feeling of inner peace;
The fact that I deliver every time,
Is only the result of your bent of mind;
They were all your ideas and framework,
Which made me realize my worth;
A mind so strong and a heart so pure,
In the middle of the ocean, you make me reach for the shore;
I’d mistaken you for a serious boss, but you turned out to be a lovely mentor.

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Often I worried if something happens who can I tell?
Misguided by the forces of nature, I wanted to yell;
Something struck my head and I came to you,
The worries were all gone as if they flew;
I exactly remember that I was trembling,
Your words calmed me down as they were so friendly;
It always brings a smile to my face,
When you compliment me with your superb grace;
You gave me logical explanations which were so reasonable,
I’d mistaken you for a serious boss, but you are so inspirational.

I have so much more to express but because it is you, I am falling short of words.

Thank you, Sir, for making me realize my worth. I hope that under your guidance and leadership, I shall excel in whatever I do.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday!

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